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The third largest group is the Sri Lankan Moors, who are Muslim. It has an equatorial climate with a high average rainfall. Sri Lanka is upgrading education, training and skills to create the human resource base which supports a competitive and rapidly modernizing economy.

Peace has been consolidated after a bloody year civil conflict. The Lion is holding a sword in its right paw. This will create the right context for economic development. The vision of the CSE is to contribute to the wealth of the nation by creating value through securities.

Foreign debt as a percentage of the gross domestic product, which accounted for 21 percent ingrew to 75 percent inand amounted to 59 percent in The country is endowed with many natural resources.

Lastly, rubber plantations were started in the early 20th century. During the first era, development policy focused on achieving the objectives of equity and economic growth. Major imports include petroleum, consumables, machinery and capital equipment, motor vehicles, and various manufactured goods.

It also has large deposits of unexploited iron ore. Sri Lanka is strategically placed to benefit from a changing global marketplace. A new vision of urban development A tangible example of what we are working towards is the Western Province Megapolis Project. Sri Lanka has also had exposure to the problems of asylum-seekers and economic migrants during the conflict.

Manufacturing was an insignificant activity in the economy. We will create 45 new Industrial Parks around the country which will be developed and managed by the private sector. A modern economy is nothing without its people. The four leaves represents Karuna, Meththa, Muditha and Upeksha.

There are about 2, Tamils in Sri Lanka. The tea plantations were the basis of Sri Lankan prosperity for a hundred years.

I see industrialization and urbanization as key drivers of modernization. Kamburugamuwa Ganesh Sri Lanka is a developing economy based largely on agriculture, services, and light industry.

The future of Sri Lanka’s economy

Ethnic make-up[ change change source ] Sri Lanka has three main ethnic groups. Our message to all, is that in an international environment that is insecure and volatile, Sri Lanka has peace, has consolidated democracy and revived the economy. Furthermore, "B-Grade" roads, also paved and marked, connect district capitals within provinces.

Capital account[ edit ] Within the capital account, borrowings still account for a significant proportion as opposed to Foreign direct investments. This will however not add any excessive upward pressures on interest rates including 12 month T bill yields especially during 2HE.In an international environment that is insecure and volatile, Sri Lanka has peace, has consolidated democracy and revived the economy.

It now stands ready for takeoff and to play its full role as a responsible member of the global community of nations. The future of Sri Lanka’s economy. Colombo Port City Image: REUTERS/Dinuka Liyanawatte. The Economy of Sri Lanka Essay. The Economy of Sri Lanka Essay. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Better Essays.

Open Document for Sri Lanka as a nation from the British was a long struggle which began in due to a rivalry between the Sri Lankan Muslims and the Sinhalese Majority over commercial interests which led to. Economy And Tea Industry Of Sri Lanka Economics Essay. Print Reference this.

Economy of Sri Lanka

Published: 23rd March, So the article is about the Sri Lankan tea products, and the current economy of the country. Mixed economy is one of the main reasons for the proper use of resource available in the country and the government rules and regulation plays.

In hope of conveying the message of equality, the Sri Lankan flag was developed through colours and symbols to represent each race and religion ensuring that the nation remains a place of peace and harmony.

Its current main goals are the development of the nation’s infrastructure, economy and lifestyle of. The service sector is the largest of the Sri Lanka economy, employing 45 percent of the workforce and contributing roughly 60 percent of GDP. Tourism, banking, finance, and retail trade are the major components of the service sector.

The country is endowed with many natural resources. The Sri Lankan economy has since become highly. The Economy of Sri Lanka Essays; The Economy of Sri Lanka Essays. Words 6 Pages.

Show More. INTRODUCTION Sri Lanka is the home to many languages, cultures, ethnicities. It is an island country on the northern Indian Ocean off the southern coast in India’s subcontinent located in southern Asia.

Essay Sri Lankan Apparel Industry: Mas.

Sri lankan economy essay
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