Geballe dissertation prize fellow

Referees who wish to submit their letter of reference via email may send them to shc-fellowships stanford. Applicants must have a formally composed dissertation committee. Referees are encouraged to submit letters through our online application system.

Her research in music and aesthetics in the long eighteenth century focuses in particular on cultures of sensibility, death and memory. Her second project is a comparative study of music education, listening practices, and pedagogies of sound within two schools for the Deaf in southern Benin.

She hopes that her dissertation will have wider implications for understanding so-called "post-industrial" and "post-work" contexts that require critical rethinking of the terms of welfare.

Justin Tackett

Applicants must have completed supervised teaching, if required by their department, before the tenure of the fellowship. In her current book project, "Stages of History: She examines how urban residents build relationships the auditory atmosphere as hearing subjects, and just how urban subjectivity is associated with the technical, political, and social calibration of noise inside the context of the modernizing condition.

Previously, she edited nonfiction at The Penguin Press. Type, Example, Paradigm Heather-Roby studies the novel and the history of science. Her work explores how fictional character confronts and accommodates nonhuman forms of life.

Applicants must have a strong likelihood of completing the degree within the tenure of the fellowship. This can be a book length study of methods participants during these movements understood the thought of equal legal rights within their historic moment, and just how these understandings led to the defeat from the Renovation experiment in racial equality, the varied mobilizations from the inequities of corporate capitalism, and also the shaping of contemporary America.

Stanford art history phd dissertation

As opposed to prevailing assumptions the Greek repudiation of divine kingship and also the rise of heterarchical political systems were sui generis phenomena, she argues the dynamics of energy that governed the introduction of Greek democracy were the identical dynamics underpinning the introduction of divine kingships elsewhere within the ancient world.

Her books include Considering the Moms: By focusing on the colonial gardens and local actors, this work provides insight into the ways that class, race, and patronage shaped colonial administration and scientific work.

It finds its driving pressure inside a conviction the domestic arts and also the intellectual crafts can and should cohabit, mix-fertilize, thrive, and join bigger contemporary dialogues about hunger, consumption, waste, and recycling.

This project seeks to follow the way in which creative writing and morality education both influenced and were transformed by scientific discourses in South and north Korea in the early last century before the present. It shows how conceptual orderings become unspoken stories that shadow and shape the spoken ones.

She investigates how theatrical performances and magic shows drew upon technological innovations and formed unique methods for disseminating scientific knowledge. In her own dissertation, Kang studies the religious and political developments of Early Iron Age A holiday in greece — BCE poor broad patterns of condition formation among pre-modern societies.

Contemporary Ordinary Language Philosophy and also the Experimental Analysis of Meaning Nathaniel Hansen is really a lecturer within the philosophy department in the College of Studying United kingdom.

She is also a performer, with an active international career as an organ recitalist. Wilhelm Herrmann and Ernst Troeltsch incompatible and co-editor with Wilhelm Grb of Schleiermacher, study regarding Religion, and the way forward for Theology.

His research aims to identify the biases and constraints underlying spoken language perception and to understand their implications for the way that language is used and for the way that language use changes over time.She holds a PhD from Stanford University (), where she was a Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center.

Principally a scholar of American intellectual history, she is interested in the intersection between the history of higher education and political thought. “What people perceive as an interruption varies systematically across different speakers and speech acts,” said Hilton, who is also a Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center.

“Listeners’ own conversational styles influence whether they interpret simultaneous, overlapping talk as interruptive or cooperative. Justin Tackett is a postdoctoral scholar in English specializing in British and American literature of the long nineteenth century (c - c) with a focus on poetry, poetics, prosody, voice; theory and history of the book; periodicals; sound studies and aural literacies; and affect and technology.

Alexandra Stern, Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellow Department of History, Stanford University The Darker Side of E Pluribus Unum: The Unraveling of Indian Territory and the Reconstruction of. Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center () The Europe Center Graduate Student Grant, The Europe Center (Stanford) () Smithsonian Predoctoral Fellow, National Museum of American History ().

Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowships are the only dissertation fellowships in the humanities that are open to applicants from the School of Education. Lieberman applicants should also provide evidence of teaching ability including a teaching statement.

Geballe dissertation prize fellow
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