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Other s films showed the other side of the force in the violent and abusive tactics of the detectives trying to catch criminals. This lead to the creation of films that took critical looks at the internal failings of the government that allowed for people such as Mussolini to come to power to start with.

They would use brutal methods to capture criminals. Italy Brazil The motivating factors and time periods that each of these nations gained interest in the gangster genre varies, but their overall fascination with creating films in the Essays on gangster films has not changed since their initial involvement with it.

This idea of manipulating the capitalist system is also tied to another important element of the gangster genre: Edinburgh University Press, Many gangster films take this approach to the motivation of its characters.

Crime and Gangster Films

Movies such as Pulp Fiction or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels featured the use of offbeat portrayals to create two of the more popular crime movies of modern time. They glorified the cops, federal agent, and detectives, while putting a gray Essays on gangster films on them as though they were good gangsters.

The films tend to show the corruption that the system has in it.

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The gangsters are portrayed as sort of modern Robin Hoods in this sense. It was a classic particularly in its rich portrayal of the Mafia family.

London and New York: Critical Overviews Very useful introductions to the gangster genre are provided in a number of books that either offer introductions to cinema or film studies or which provide a wider survey of film genres.

Crime plots also include questions such as how the criminal will be seized by police, detectives, special agents or legal authorities, or mysteries such as who stole the valued object.

By manipulating vices that attract an addictive crowd, the gangster is able to accumulate a large amount of money very quickly through his or her own cunning and careful planning.

Gangster films play off this idea for many motivations of their characters. The films can take a variety of different points of view and tackle many different situations.

Headline-grabbing situations, real-life gangsters, or crime news have often been used in crime films. Unusual locations for crimes often add an element of adventure and wealth. Most viewers will see themselves in the character as they will feel they too could rise to such power with their own cunning and planning if they truly wanted to go into such business.

For more information or to contact an Oxford Sales Representative click here. What began as an essentially a good person trying to make their own way has been buried by the criminal act in which they have taken part, fundamentally changing their character.

Conclusion As viewers, we do not necessarily have to condone the actions of the gangster, but we do feel empathy towards him or her because they are simply trying to achieve what it is that many of us want as well.

By Thomas Schatz, 81— Tracing back to the early 20th century, gangster films have seen many changes in both their creation and production.

The rise also coincided with historical conditions of Essays on gangster films, such as notorious real gangsters, like Al Capone, and violent outbreak, such as the St. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page. Playing by the rules is for suckers In gangster films, often the character will be introduced to a criminal figure that shows him or her just what can be achieved in working outside the law.

They sometimes also portray the rise and fall of gangsters through their personal power struggle and conflict with the law, or competing gangsters. Because of it, the fact that they are capable of extremely violent behavior is simply brushed to the side. Varied perception of gangsters Tied to this idea is one of the other root causes for actions within gangster films.

The Shame of A Nation was a brutal film in the crime genre. Some of the most famous films of the time are even being remade to retell the stories that were so popular back in their original time of creation.

They feel that they were weak and feeble in their youth and that prominent gangsters of their youth were not only respected but would never have to deal with the same issues that the character dealt with as a child. Edited by Barry Keith Grant, — Japan The evolution of the gangster genre in Japan was different, centering upon domestic issues central to Japan.

The idea of using the system to gain financial security and wealth is an embedded idea into modern culture. Basically, the character gets all of the benefits the American dream promised, but they are achieving them by working in illicit activities.

University of Texas Press, This is usually done by unconventional means that delve into illegal activities. Whereas older films would show gangsters as serious, dark, and dangerous characters, modern films may use humor as one of the defining characteristics of the criminals in a film, the ramifications of which greatly evolved the genre.

That being said, the idea of the American dream can be applied to films that are not taking place in America necessarily so long as the character is a hard-working individual that comes from nothing to try to reach the top of their industry of business.

Transcending the Genere Gangster films can portray many different ideas through film. Edited by Bill Nichols, —Originally titled “The Gangster/Crime Film” in the first edition of Cook’s classic anthology of film studies essays, this article is an excellent short introduction to the study of key themes through an account of positions adopted by important critics of the gangster film.

The gangster genre rose in popularity during the s and most historians locate the beginning of its classical phase at this time. The gangster films became an excellent system to exhibit cinema’s sound capacities: ballistic machine gun fire, screeching tires and sharp streets electrified the screen.

Free gangster papers, essays, and research papers. The Big Lebowski and American Gangster - I have decided to analyze the film Underworld: Awakening in terms of the three act structure and then compare it to two other films that we watched in class, namely: The Big Lebowski and American Gangster.

The gangster movie has been a favorite genre of audiences for many years. Some of the reasons for the success of gangster films are because of the fact that they create an fantasy of an underworld that is hyped and gives a positive view point to the au /5(3).

The Gangster Genre of Films Essays Words | 14 Pages More about Essay on American Gangster. The Infamous Gangster: Al Capone Words | 3 Pages; The Portrayal of the Gangster Genre in American and British Cinema in 'Goodfellas' by. Final Essay Assignment FMVDAmerican Cinema Classics Crime and Gangster Films The gangster genre rose in popularity during the s and most historians locate the beginning of its classical phase at this time.

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