Essay on prevention of corruption in corporate world

This kind of money can be earned through either legal or illegal means. Immediate actions are usually taken within the company itself through independent investigations, monitoring of cases, centralisation of payments and bank accounts and tone at the top [35].

Linda Thomsen, Director of Enforcement for the U. In the absence of local and international measures, sometimes there is only the weak voice of single protesters who are on the front line against corruption in third world countries. We know that corruption has increased out of all proportions.

Attempts should be made to educate citizens in regard to their rights, responsibilities and the procedures of the government. In brief, market competition is seriously affected by corruption because those firms that are more prone to it tend to be favoured.

Essay on the Causes of Corruption

On its side, the capitalistic system has been accused of being strongly linked with corruption and unethical behaviour. Only those whose integrity is tested to the fullest satisfaction must be appointed for the key posts.

Prevention of Corruption Act, Legal fees, penalties and public relations efforts redirect important resources from the core business and lead to an inefficient use of company funds and personnel. Researches show that generally corruption is influenced by culture, poverty as well as by local and multilateral policies and other factors but the reason why firms, on their side, engage in corrupt acts, among themselves or with government officials, is often because unethical behaviour is seen as acceptable and normal, becoming an unwritten rule of competition [3].

Even for minimising this problem, both preventive and punitive measures will have to be taken. Another important issue is the moral awareness of entrepreneurs. The System of Democracy: No nation has become successful so far in this regard.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - to ". Rose-Ackerman points out that even if corporations have legal personalities and so according to some commentators this means they have no moral obligations they still have ethical responsibilities.

This contributes to an increase in the incidence of corruption. Social and Economic Modernisation: The main characteristics of this period are mostly: The actual results of international and local anti-corruption policies are not always clear and univocal but in some cases, like the UKBA one created only a few years ago, it may take some time before evaluating whether they are really effective and useful.

International and private organisations as well as many NGOs create anti-corruption initiatives on their own. The costs of this type of corruption are incredibly high since it can reduce competitiveness through the introduction of inefficiencies, lower the efficiency of production and threaten the functioning of nations.

Essay on the Prevention of Corruption

As to the first aspect it is worth noticing that, at least in certain countries, once disclosed, corruption may be a bad affair. In the end private sector companies are more prone to corruption than the state-owned ones also because the former generally have a larger money flow.

An important case regarded Ken Saro Wiwa, Nigerian writer, television producer and activist, who was executed in while at the peak of his non-violent protest against the environmental degradation caused by oil companies like Shell in the Niger Delta. Analysing the current economic system can be helpful in order to understand those aspects that lead to corrupt activities and which areas of the world are more vulnerable.

The corporation was accused of corruption and false accounting in Corruption in India 2. For example, an automatic fiscal exemption may avoid a huge amount of corruption compared to a more complex and, in abstract, targeted procedure that provides incentives to firms on the base of more judgemental conditions.

If the problem of poverty affects those who are poor, and if the problem of unemployment affects directly those who are unemployed, the problem of black money does not much affect those who have ample of black money, but it affects the common man and the society at large.

Other actions taken against corruption in business are the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption, a treaty elaborated by the Council of Europe [46] ; the International Anti-Bribery and Competition Law, provisions implemented by Germany [47] ; the Sarbanes-Oxley-Act, a United States federal law that establishes new standards for all U.

Mamoria, may be discussed here. They also need to have an adequate system of internal accounting controls, transparent financial transactions, segregation of duties and proper approval limits.

Many of the officers in the Income Tax Department are also equally corrupt and they thrive on bribery.corporate governance around the world is also prompting companies to focus on anti-corruption measures as part of their mechanisms to protect their reputations and Words: — Pages: 2.

5 Steps To Preventing A Corrupt Culture Corruption isn't just reserved for governments and huge corporations. Use these action steps to prevent corruption from taking down your small business.

Essay on the Prevention of Corruption – Corruption which has gone deep into our social life cannot be removed very easily. In fact, it can only be reduced or minimised, and can hardly be stopped altogether. No nation has become successful so far in this regard.

Even for minimising this problem. Many college and university students are often given the assignment to learn how to write an Essay on corruption.

Pay attention to the essay format & structure. Corruption Essay Details Offer the definition of corruption; Explain the basic reasons for corruption; Describe the business and all the others industries. In most government. Jul 01,  · The Corporate Responsibility to Prevent Corruption.

corruption instead of efficiency and puts pressure on ethical enterprises to lower their standards or risk losing business.” The World. Essay on the Causes of Corruption – Corruption is like blood cancer. It has taken deep-roots in the country. Corruption in Indian public life is “all pervasive” and that businessmen, bureaucrats, contractors, industrialists, entrepre­neurs, journalists, vice-chancellors, teachers, doctors.

Essay on prevention of corruption in corporate world
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