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This character is an intelligent, smart, but at the same time psychologically damaged by the war. By using high angle, he makes the viewer see how awful and horrifying the whole scene of war is and by doing so shows how small and weak the human being is as oppose to war and it distractions.

You is a idiot.

I would consider the film more heart touching and more real rather than the book. You can order a custom essay on Forrest Gump now! We should respect them because they have to put forth more effort than we do.

I would hope that, one day, our society would accept handicapped and do more to accommodate their needs. Some of the minor heroes were not included in the film because director chooses not to include several scenes.

But these are not the only techniques that help set this scene, the viewer also hears a voice over to show that Forrest is telling the whole story and to make one connect even more to the character and the plot.

The changes that the director makes changes the movie not always in a better way but all of them together are the things that made this film great.

There are sequences when the music is required but the director decides not to have it for example during the Vietnam battle, during which Forrest deserves to be a hero.

Also, his IQ was too low for him to get in to public school. However, all the choices that Robert Zemeckis makes help the creation of a horrifying scene that makes the viewer understand that life of the main character is not going to be the same after the war and what happened to his friend.

As many would think, this is what makes the film Forrest Gump so original. The theme of the film is an admonition not to give up on life. Disability Disability refers to the social effects of physical, emotional, or mental impairment.

It seems as if in the book Forrest is much more smarter but at same time less innocent than he is in the film.

During his life, Forrest becomes a football player, a war hero, and a successful businessman. Also, most entertainment events are not accessible for the handicapped.

The personality of Lieutenant Dan in the movie is repulsive while in the book he is the character that makes not only think but also sympathize with him.

Forrest Gump, by Robert Zemeckis, is a very interesting movie and presents a man Forrest Gump who tells his story and how he had has an interesting life.Robert Zemeckis, director of Forrest Gump, chooses not to include several adventures that are present in the book and to change the character’s personality.

Free Essay: Forrest Gump Movie Review Essay Often, hardships such as war, separation from the ones you love, terrorism, and bullying can bring your self.

Forrest Gump

Check Out Our "Forrest Gump" Essay The movie Forrest Gump was created in the year through an inspiration from a novel, going by the same name.

The film portrays respectable actor Tom Hanks as the main character. Forrest Gump essays Winston Groom - Forrest Gump The story takes place in America in the 60‘s. Forrest as a child is not popular among his schoolmates and everybody thinks he is an idiot.

Only Jenny Curran understands him. Although he wears a special walk-helping apparatus, he bec. - Forrest Gump as the Modern Day Fairytale Forrest Gump is a classic film; this essay will explore all aspects if this favourite.

From the beautifully naïve Forrest, to the political underlay throughout the narrative. Forrest Gump, by Robert Zemeckis, is a very interesting movie and presents a man (Forrest Gump) who tells his story and how he had has an interesting life.

Essay on Forrest Gump Movie

When he was a child, he had to have a special metal brace attached to his legs to straighten them.

Essay about forrest gump
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