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The increasing interrelatedness of States in the arena of global governance has favoured the development of international norms laws, rules, regulations and agreements. An evaluation of the collaborative governance arrangement regarding the CAP-reform stakeholder Bachelor thesis voorbeeld organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation Abstract: By exploring diverse themes that are emerging from discourses on healthy and sustainable diets and biodiversity, different frames are connecting these concepts, making them more salient for consumers.

In response to concerns about unhealthy and unsustainable dietary patterns, different organizations are creating and sharing knowledge on how transitions in diets towards healthy ones can also have indirect, positive effects on biodiversity.

The ever-growing demand for food has intensified agriculture, posing a strain on biodiversity levels. However, structural solutions for palm oil disputes are to be found at district level. Moreover, growing evidence of the rising malnutrition paradox is present in countries still grappling with the effects of hunger.

It is examined how scale frames and counter-scale frames are strategically constructed to link Bachelor thesis voorbeeld oil-related grievances with scales at which they can be addressed. Furthermore, the compliance to such agreements is justified in terms of motivation and capacity to comply rather than the varying degrees of obligation which accompanies them.

The collaborative model and specific design elements provide explanations for the direction of the policy development process regarding the Dutch vision on the post CAP reform.

In response to concerns about the environmental and social impacts of oil palm expansion, stakeholders of the Bachelor thesis voorbeeld and actors from civil society initiated international sustainability standards.

An empirical research on dispute resolution strategies in Sambas district Abstract: The politics of scale in processes of dispute resolution. These standards may provide new opportunities for dispute resolution, but at the same time their vigour is restricted by the local contexts in which land disputes are embedded.

The key officials concerned with the implementation of the two agreements were selected through a snowball sampling procedure and interviewed using semi-structured open-ended questions.

More examples can be found at: Four case studies were analyzed for this thesis. The Dutch Ministry of EAI organized a stakeholder dialogue to include a broad variety of actors in the policy development process.

A case study of the Dutch policy on farm animal biodiversity Abstract: The ever-growing demand for palm oil has initiated drastic changes in rural areas of Indonesia. This study aims to examine the influence of international agreements that address farm animal biodiversity on the national policy using Netherlands as a case study.

A case study on two palm oil-related land disputes in Sambas district shows that these disputes are deeply embedded in local politics and power relations.

Although there is enough food produced around the world in aggregate to curb hunger and promote nutritional health, malnutrition is still prevalent. Meanwhile, the specificity of those agreements with regard to farm animal biodiversity provides an additional dimension to examine them on the legalization continuum.

The food and nutrition security frame as well as the right to food frame may serves as entry points for possibly scaling-up initiatives for transitions to healthy and sustainable diets in light of biodiversity concerns.

This thesis explores which practices and related strategies could be used for transitions to healthy and sustainable diets. This has triggered violent disputes between local communities and palm oil companies. It was discovered that national interest expressed in terms of economic, demographic and political rationales is a major factor that determines the influence of the investigated agreements on the Dutch government.

Among the four case studies, it is shown that transitions for healthy and sustainable diets rest not entirely on the individual choices of the consumer but also on the food system that directs consumer choice.

This research uses collaborative governance theory and general participation literature to investigate the Dutch stakeholder dialogue from onwards.

The international agreement either in its hard or soft form provides a medium through which the Dutch government is able to identify and promote a common policy course at both the national and international levels. Empirical analysis conducted for one particular case is based on interviews collected during three months of field research in Bra, Italy.

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To some extent international sustainability standards can be used to facilitate negotiations between communities and companies and monitor compliance with agreements. Rather, for such diets to become a widespread practice necessitates a myriad of strategies from diverse coalitions of actors.

Using politics of scale theory, this thesis explores dispute resolution strategies of an NGO in West-Kalimantan.As your bachelor thesis is predominantly a literature review, your research questions will be of a theoretical nature. The answers to these questions provide a theoretical.

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Preface This report is the tailpiece of our bachelor thesis project, which had impulsive buying behaviour as the research subject. The proposition we have worked on the past six months was occupying deliberative systems in the. PAP has (co-)supervised master and bachelor theses from different study programs.

For examples of completed master theses, see the below links for the programmes MID, MIL, MME, MAS, MES and MLP. This thesis explores which practices and related strategies could be used for transitions to healthy and sustainable diets. Four case studies were.

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