An introduction to the discount house in nigeria

We imbibe the values of honesty and discretion in our approach to work. We in FSDH recognized this change as an opportunity to expand the scope of our operations while retaining a focus on our core activities in order to serve our customers better.

Though bonds are not short-term market securities earlier said to be the domain of discount housesdiscount houses are approved to deal in the primary market bond auctions as well as the secondary bond market.

Because discount houses have a special focus on these securities, there is no doubt that they have a deeper understanding of that market. With trained staff to run their investment desks, you have everything to gain from seeking guidance from these market actors.

As at the 31st of December,the shareholding structure consists of three foreign financial institutions So, if you seek both investment security from treasury securities and liquidity flexibility, these are products you need in your portfolio.

Our key brand benefit is our commitment to partner with our clients to ensure they derive tangible benefits from the relationship with us. Just as you could invest with other fund managers, a discount house can also manage your money market portfolio.

You are sure to find unique product offerings from each discount house. At FSDH, we recognise the need to give back to our society to make it a better place, so we have always had the act of corporate social responsibility at our core.

First Securities Discount House Limited was incorporated in as the first discount house in Nigeria. They also have the training and experience to deal in those securities. Our focus is more than just managing your investment portfolio, it is knowing exactly where you want to be and taking you there.

Kakawa Discount House Limited

Their commitment and engagement are essential to delivering true value and creating enduring wealth for our stakeholders. Because we strive here to highlight opportunity areas for our readers to tap into, this article is an effort at showcasing the services of discount houses and the areas where ordinary folks can take advantage.

The two others joined later, beginning operations in and In further articles on this sub-sector of the financial system, more searchlight will be beamed at their specific areas of operation and perhaps the unique services of individual operators.

Visit the bog at http: Discount houses consequently trade in and manage largely liquid assets which can support your own liquidity management.


Discount houses do provide asset managment services, with a bias for money market and treasury securities. This is an opener. Like banks, discount houses can also provide advisory services.

Our People Our employees are our most important assets. They, in particular, structure such investment tools as Open Buy-Back OBBwhich implicitly afford the investor a lot of liquidity management flexibility since they can be redeemed at short notice, without the rediscounting cost of Treasury Bills.

A long period of market presence, obviously, but much are they known and to what extend are their services known about? Some key areas include: Simply put, when you desire to invest in Treasury government securities, discount houses are major players you can approach.

Since the drive to rid our society of poverty has a lot to gain from investment knowledge and access, a more accommodating stance will definitely serve the public interest. That could bring some flexibility, especially in switching assets and funds.

The name may have changed but the soul of our organization remains intact. What that means, in essence, is that your money market and capital market stocks, bonds, etc investment needs can all be tackled under the same umbrella. Besides, you can gain access to a lot of beneficial market tips by dealing with active market players.

We achieve this by providing expert financial analysis, which enables them create wealth and achieve financial security. Access a powerful base of online resources to hone your investing skills and strengthen your business-building capacity: It also created the following categories of commercial banks — International, National and Regional.

You not only learn the workings of the market in the process, you can also get advised on how to run you portfolio.

As one of our many firsts, we are one of the first merchant banks to be awarded a licence in Nigeria in this new era. We remain steadfast in ensuring that we contribute our quota to support worthy and deserving causes and organizations that strive to better the lives and situations of the less privileged and disadvantaged in society.University of Lagos, Nigeria E-mail: [email protected] ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION The role of human resource management in enhancing organisational performance has The study investigated the relationship between training and commitment in Discount House in Nigeria.

This paper therefore looks at training as a. First Securities Discount House Limited, the precursor to FSDH Merchant Bank Limited, was incorporated in June as the first discount house to operate in Nigeria.

Discount Houses, Money Market and Economic Growth in Nigeria () 21 technique, while Section IV covers the estimation and discussion of results. ABSTRACT 1 Discount Houses are recent but novel developments that are meant to further the catalytic processes in the economic advancement of the less developed countries (LDCs) like Nigeria especially in the money market paper examined the role of discount houses in the development of the Nigerian money market.

CHALLENGES FACING NIGERIAN DISCOUNT HOUSES IN THE MEDIUM TO LONG TERM The discount house operations in Nigeria had reflected mixed developments with their fortunes declining due to some introduction of the autonomous foreign exchange market in made the. Kakawa Discount House is one of the five operational discount houses in Nigeria which serves as government financial tools and acts as a middle access points between all other banks in Nigeria and the Apex bank of Nigeria, The Central Bank of Nigeria.

As with all discount houses trade in Governments bonds and treasury bills are the primary Industry: Finance.

An introduction to the discount house in nigeria
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