An introduction to the blues music and its influence of integration

Music Education: The Blues Genre

In these humble beginnings, were born the Blues. Their freedom did not give them a heart; it did not prove they had soul. However, when Little Richard put out his own release of "Long Tall Sally" later in that same year, before Boone put out his cover of it, Little Richard already had it at number six.

They believed that their singing was an expression of their acceptance of their hard fate.

A brief history of Blues Music

They express a hope for a better future, a way out, a favorable external influence, or if nothing else, share the load of disappointment with an audience. This became such a trademark with the African expression of Blues, that it is now referred to as playing "blue notes.

Although this seems to possess a negative affect on the black race and their music, it really helped develop their rights, especially in the music business and their ability to grow as musicians. It was because of Blues music that white kids ventured into black areas and had a sense of "fair play" long before the civil rights movement Blues and Rock.

These earlier blues artists, and many more, usually played solo featuring vocals and a myriad of guitar sounds and styles. With few exceptions they did not read music and drew on a strictly oral tradition. The next section, titled Country Blues, begins with the discovery of Blind Lemon Jefferson and the brief vogue for southern, rural-sounding, idiosyncratic singers and guitarists.

In the s Blues was becoming more urbanized, yet again. In the s, white urbanites and college students discovered older styles in The Folk-Blues Revival and the British Invasion sparked a wave of Blues-Rock, both of which have influenced the many ongoing evolutions that are all-to-briefly covered in The Blues Today.

These covers simply expedited the process of the mass exposure of the public, and this quickly developed a curious fondness for Blues and its African culture. These groups were part of a strong black string band tradition in the South.

It was believed that this began as a call and response style, which matured into the work song. From that standpoint, after the release of the slaves, the work song then matured into their Spirituals, and later was introduced to the whites through black-faced Minstrel of Medicine shows How the Blues Overview.

This is where country and blues came together, and both grew to be a highly vital and influential landmark in music history. These shows remained popular after the Civil War and onward after the Reconstruction period, a time span from until How the Blues Minstrel and Medicine.

Many whites would sneak around the outside of places they were playing at segregation was still in force and heard sounds they really dug.Perhaps a truly significant aspect of blues is not only its influence on music genres but also its influence on society.

In developing the blues genre, early musicians were actually playing an important role in breaking down class and racial barriers. BLACK, WHITE AND BLUE: RACIAL POLITICS OF BLUES MUSIC IN THE S by Ulrich Adelt A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctor of.

Free Research Paper blues music and its influence on integration. This paper is about music,blues,black,white,slaves,whites,musicians,blacks. Here’s a brief history of Blues music covering its evolution from the Delta Blues in the 19th century, its technicalities & its socio-cultural impact in US.

Essay - Introduction to Blues I WOKE UP THIS MORNING (Introduction to Blues for the Newcomer) By ‘Mississippi’ Max A myriad of other examples of the Blues’ awesome influence on music today, including jazz, could be cited.

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An introduction to the blues music and its influence of integration
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