An essay on the effects of global warming on the earth

However, saying that global warming is attributable to exploitative human activity only would be wrong and subjective; in fact, global warming used to take place even in the prehistoric times, when there were no cars and factories.

Essay on Global Warming: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Impact and Prevention of Global Warming

Our writers are knowledgeable in virtually all subject areas and will process your assignment as fast as possible to beat the deadlines. The level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is rising due to natural as well as human-made factors. This essay will analyse the causes of global warming and will suggest remedies to lower the risk associated with this alarming problem.

There is uncertainty regarding regional forecasts of future precipitation as warming of globe makes it difficult to predict. Generate electricity using renewable sources like wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy Recycling Adopting the habit of recycling, too, will help slow down the process of global warming.

The major effects and impacts of Global Warming are: It is projected that by the end of 21st century, even in case of lowest emission scenarios, the world may witness an increase of average temperature by 0. How to prevent Global Warming? Causes This essay on global warming needs to look at the causes of the problem.

We can share our car while going to office or performing other scheduled activities. Indeed, the consequences of global warming are devastating, with the global temperature averages rising steadily each year, and numerous habitats of wildlife and marine life endangered. As global warming occurs, biodiversity all over the world will suffer.

All natural disasters from tornadoes to droughts will all increase in intensity — one can only imagine what a hurricane twice as strong would do!

The impact of widespread desertification is that the land which was earlier available for cultivation is no longer arable.

The rising levels of greenhouse gases are the primary cause of the phenomenon: Not only are trees cut down to make goods that need to be transported using fossil fuels, the removal of trees leads to a net loss of photosynthesis which is carried out by plants to make food.

A reduction in the snow cover surrounding the poles is one significant long-term effect. Consider the example of something trivial a mobile phone — creating something like this will lead to a large amount of components that need to be made using fossil fuels.

Unfortunately it is highly likely that the problems of global warming will persist unless immediate action is to be taken. Car companies around the world have taken some initiative towards reducing pollution by manufacturing E-vehicles. Instead, we can rely on various forms of renewable energies.

It has many disastrous effects on the environment, and some of them are unfortunately irreversible. Greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane can cause the atmosphere to build up, leading to solar radiation becoming trapped within the earth like within a greenhouse, hence the name.

Also, pattern of agricultural changes, or effects on ecosystems in general are fairly unpredictable. Many of the practices that humans employ create enormous amounts of greenhouse gasses to be released and this has been well documented to be significantly harming the earth.

Best essay writers You will not find competent and certified essay writers like the ones on our spectacular team. Global warming is the scientific phenomenon linking an increase of the average earth temperature because of a trapping of radiation within the earth like a greenhouse.

Global Warming Essay: Causes, Effects & Solutions

We can never compromise on that. Shockingly, many energy companies around the world that drill for new fossil fuels such as oil can actually end up burning all the natural gas off in the process rather than storing it because it is not economically viable to do so.

Effects of Global Warming Essay

Such migration will cause many economic and political complications in the countries that they choose to relocate. Find out how much your paper will cost Type of paper.

Smaller area to grow food for more people equals to disaster. Our team of writing experts is available on call and can churn out an outstanding essay for you on short notice without compromising on quality. Another cause of global warming is the irresponsible human attitude to finite resources granted by the planet.

As the concentrations of these gases in the atmosphere increase, more and more heat energy that otherwise leaves the atmosphere is absorbed.

The melting of polar ice caps poses one of the biggest problems for human society.Effects of Global Warming Essay Words | 6 Pages initiated a warming sequence as a result of human produced greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and methane that may lead to catastrophic weather conditions, the disappearance of Pacific islands, and a.

An Interesting Global Warming Essay Example for College Students. Writing an academic paper on global warming and its effects is not a difficult task if. Global Warming is defined as the increase of the average temperature on Earth.

As the Earth is getting hotter, disasters like hurricanes. Global Warming is a condition caused by greenhouse gases and human activities. The increased concentration of greenhouse gases due to activities such as deforestation and fossil fuel burning is causing the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans to warm up.

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Global Warming: Causes and Effects

What is global warming? Global warming is the average temperature of Earth has increases since until now the temperature continuing increasing. Global Warming Essay: Causes, Effects & Solutions Introduction Global warming is a phenomenon due to which the temperature of the earth’s surface; land, water, and atmosphere, is rising year-by-year due to many natural and human-made causes.

An essay on the effects of global warming on the earth
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