An analysis of one of the most important monuments in history

Manickam mainly made use of granite to get the edifice constructed. In the following lines, we have provided more information on the architecture of the Vidhan Soudha of Bangalore, India.

The original palace of Mysore was carved out of wood which was accidentally burnt in Vidhan Soudha Vidhan Soudha counts amongst the most impressive as well as the most magnificent buildings in the Bangalore city of India.

Its base diameter is The chief engineer of Vidhan Soudha, B. It has steps leading to its top story. The building rises to a height of almost 46 m, making it one of the most imposing structures in the city of Bangalore.

It was built under the then chief minister of Karnataka, Mr. This grand structure stands at the Apollo Bunder, a popular meeting place in Mumbai. Mysore Palace is one of the most fascinating monument of Mysore city. Gateway The majestic Gateway of India is a glorious historical memorial built during British rule.

The Mysore Palace at Karnataka comprises of a sequence of arched square towers enclosed by domes. Built in the yearVidhan Soudha of Bangalore boasts of exquisite Dravidian architecture. Today, the complex serves as a national memorial monument. The pyramid shape of this ancient monument is a tourist attraction having small windows.

The gateway of India was designed by the British architect George Wittet and was opened for general public in the year The major attractions of Sanchi include a number of Buddhist stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars.

The Mysore Palace followed the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. The lower three stories are made using red sand stone and the top two with marble and sand stone. The prison was used by the British especially to exile political prisoners to the remote archipelago.

She was born in and died induring the birth of her fourteenth child at Burhanpur. All these structures date back to somewhere between 3rd century BC and 12th century AD.

Six months later, her body was transferred to Agra to be finally enshrined in the crypt of the main tomb of the Taj Mahal.

It is mainly famous for housing the Legislative Chambers of the state government. An important landmark in the city, Hawa Mahal is an epitome of the Rajputana architecture. It lies at a distance of approximately 52 km from the capital city of Bhopal and 10 km from Vidisha.

Gateway of India is one of the finest example of colonial architectural heritage in India. The three hundred rooms of Vidhan Soudha accommodate approximately twenty-two departments of the state government. The Mysore Palace is a three storied edifice with a length of feet and breadth of feet.

Kengal Hanumanthaiah, as a tribute to Indian temple architecture.

Top 10 Historical Monuments of India

Her mortal remains were temporarily buried in the Zainabad garden.Most Famous Landmarks Around the World. By designer. Posted on December 5, Share. me too) liked it, but what about not so famous, but has a breathtaking history? The Castle in Niemodlin (Poland), one of the most interesting monuments of Silesia, a star of the screen!

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Here the list of most important historical monuments of United States. 6 Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia Arlington national cemetery is a military cemetery of US located in Virginia.

I can tell you the importance of hiatorical monuments in India as following. are the important and visual source of analyzing the history of India, very precisly. 2.

These monuments represent the style of Indian Art and Culture. Ind.

100 Most Famous Landmarks Around the World

Monuments are deeply rooted sentiments to a majority of people in the city, and tells the story of the city, helping us connect to its history and its present. This is the very reason monuments should be preserved. Fort Sumter has to be one of the most historic national monuments in South Carolina.

This fort has gone through a lot of history over the past years. I will inform you with some of the history .

An analysis of one of the most important monuments in history
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